California Food, French Accent


Ellelle specializes in artisanal foods hand-crafted in Pasadena, California.  Lennie LaGuire (the “L.L.” behind Ellelle) is a journalist-turned-chef who trained at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris.  She created her company to showcase local, organically grown fruit.  Her jams feature sparkling flavor combinations and are cooked in hammered copper French preserving pans with no commercial pectin.

I made biscuits the morning to taste the Grapefruit Campari Jam that my friend Kevin gifted me.  There was just the right amount of tartness from the grapefruit with a subtle taste of Campari.  It was however, more like a marmalade rather than a jam, as there were lovely pieces of grapefruit rind in it as well.  And of course, I had to uncork my bottle of Campari just to confirm its taste again.  It paired perfectly with the grapefruit.

Her products were a finalist in the Best of LA 2010 Good Food awards.  Check out her website if you get a chance.

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