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Belgian Spice-Almond Cookies (Speculoos)

Another advantage of weighing dry ingredients, particularly flour is that one recipe writer will consider 1 cup to be equal to 4.5 ounces. Whereas, another writer will decide that 1 cup of flour equals 5 ounces. However, if you weigh the flour it will always be the same amount regardless of how many measuring cups […]
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Classic Shrimp Cocktail

In about an hour you can have an elegant first course for your fanciest dinner party, lunch with Bloody Marys on a pontoon boat or brunch on the deck of a friend’s cabin enjoyed with a  Hugo Spritz. We enjoyed all three this summer. Makes 4 substantial first course servings 10 cups cold water 2 […]
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Fresh Corn Vichyssoise

It’s peak sweet corn season here in the midwest and there’s nothing better then roasting a few ears on your Weber Grill. However, when you tire of roasted corn of the cob making this cold soup is a delicious alternative. With the addition of, potatoes, yellow jalapeños, yellow squash, and English cucumber, the recipe is […]
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Vichyssoise with a Twist

Makes about 12 cups (3 quarts) This recipe is a variation of one from Food & Wine magazine and can easily be cut in half depending on how many folks you are serving and the portion for each person. I made it ahead of time and took it to enjoy at a friend’s cabin as […]
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Bruschetta with “Mashed” Pea Spread and Chèvre

  Having returned from my local farmer’s market with a bag each of sugar snap peas and cherry tomatoes, I decided to whip up a plate of bruschetta, riffing on a recipe from bon appétit magazine. The original recipe calls for 2 cups/pounds of peas. I started shelling the fresh sugar snaps and realized very […]
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Roasted Fennel Crusted Pork Belly

I jumped on the pork belly craze a few years back and have been experimenting with a variety of dry rubs. Slices of this fennel crusted number is delicious as part of a Ramen bowl or atop a bowl of lentils. Remember that when selecting a worthy slab, if possible, go for one that has […]
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