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A Pinch of Salt!

Chef’s rarely if ever use table salt for any number of reasons including the fact that they cannot pick it up with their fingers.  And, you’d never find a line cook reaching for a measuring spoon!  They keep a stash of salt in a bowl of some kind and always have it at hand to […]
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Lèche-Vitrines – Window Shopping

From what I understand, lèche-vitrines literally means “to lick the window,” even though it is generally translated to mean “window shopping”.  I like “to lick the window” or “licking the window” better.  This is something we did quite a bit of while we were in France.  Whether it was in front of a pâtisserie, chocolatier, […]
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Taking a Break from Vacation Pictures

Jon, once again, has outdone himself planting the vegetable garden. The weather was unseasonably warm in April and he got a little ahead of himself getting everything in the ground. Then in typical Minnesota fashion, we had a cold snap in May, topped off by a week or so of rain. Consequently, some of the […]
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