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Ice Cream with the Flavors of Provence

I enjoyed a black olive ice cream with a black olive caramel recently at HeyDay in Minneapolis. Of course, this got me to thinking about olives, which then led to my day dreaming about Provence. I then remembered the saying, “what grows together, goes together.” Given that adage, and the fact that olives, lemons, rosemary, […]
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Champagne poached peaches

Every recipe that I have come across reads to blanch the peaches in boiling water until the skin begins to pull away. Then plunge into ice water, peel and then add to the poaching liquid. I thought, why not just skip the blanching part and cook the peaches in the poaching liquid until you are […]
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Squid Ink Pasta with Uni (Sea Urchin) Butter

The inspiration for this dish was a fantastic dinner that I enjoyed at Bar La Grassa more than a year ago. Since that amazing evening I have made squid ink pasta many times, but pinned for the opportunity to toss it with an uni butter. Oftentimes, maki sushi is topped with uni. Let’s just say […]
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Squid Ink Pasta

I used to mix pasta dough on the countertop. Then one day I asked myself, why not make it in a bowl? It would contain all of the ingredients – you know so that there wouldn’t be flour everywhere! I’ve been making this dough in a stainless steel bowl ever since. This recipe is inspired […]
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