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Toasted Almond Gelato

What’s the difference between gelato and ice cream? Gelato tends to be smoother and silkier. It contains more milk than cream, if any, and doesn’t contain egg yolks.  It’s also creamier and more dense as the dasher spins at a slower speed, thus creating less air. I’ve read that if you have the patience  you should […]
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Chocolate Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich

The cake-like chocolate cookie for this ice cream sandwich was inspired by a recipe from Cook’s Illustrated, except I didn’t want to use the canned chocolate syrup they suggested so I manipulated the recipe to prevent that need. Also, baking one time their recipe didn’t produce a thick enough cookie for my taste. The next […]
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No-churn Toasted Coconut Ice Cream

I love coconut in any form and was craving toasted coconut ice cream. I think it was because I chose the salted caramel ice cream at the local ice cream shoppe recently instead of the coconut. I also wanted to avoid using coconut extract; even if it was pure. I went about toasting unsweetend coconut […]
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