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Graced by Hiroko’s Visit

Bret’s Table was honored to have Hiroko Shimbo visit for a few days recently.  She was in town to teach classes at Cooks of Crocus Hill.  During her visit, I had a chance to talk to her about growing up in Japan.  She gives her mother much of the credit for her love of cooking […]
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More Please …

During my visit to La Pitchoune this past spring, Kathie and I had many conversations about French culture and their love affair with food.  It was delightful to hear that children in France are able to name the various varieties of, say, strawberries and know the difference, for example, between an early season Gariguette or […]
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L’étude du français à Bret’s Table

What better way to learn the beautiful language of France than to immerse yourself in the language itself?  This fall, you can do just that at Bret’s Table.  Mme Carolynn Johnson and I will be leading a six-week class for beginning students who desire to learn French in a conversational setting. Each week, we’ll participate […]
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Summertime on a Plate

We are in the height of tomato season.  These nightshades, with so many flavors, colors, and sizes, can now be found at your neighborhood market, often grown locally.  Even better, seek them out at a farm stand, farmer’s market, or, if you are lucky enough, plucked from your own garden. Unlike many of our friends, […]
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Ruby Orbs! (Beet Recipe)

Beet season is in full swing.  This still baffles me, as I was always under the impression that beets were harvested in the autumn along with parsnips, turnips, and Brussels sprouts.  Has the beet season changed, now prolonged due to global warming, or have I just been sleeping in the field all these years?  Regardless, […]
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