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Simca’s Pâte Sublime or Sweet Pastry Dough

This “Sweet Pastry Dough with Cream” recipe is a variation of one that I learned to make at La Pitchoune. La Pitchoune was Julia and Paul Child’s home in the south of France. Their neighbors were the Beck family as in Simca (Simone) Beck who was one of the co-authors of Mastering the Art of […]
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Steamed Persimmon Pudding

Growing up we had an Hachiya variety persimmon tree right outside the house. This is the variety that must be fully ripe, i.e. quite soft actually before it is edible. Otherwise, it’s very astringent; like eating an uncured olive. Because of their texture growing up we usually just ate them over the sink. About fifteen […]
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I was in the middle of testing this recipe when I remembered that my friend David was in Italy. I texted him immediately with the mission of locating and taste testing as many varieties of Zaletti as he could find. He discovered that this is a very elusive cookie. It’s truly regional. Folks in Rome […]
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Individual Tarte Tartines

This recipe is so easy and the best part is that it can be made ahead of time. Actually it should be made at least a day ahead and frozen or can be frozen up to 3 days.  It’s not too sweet and you don’t have to flip an entire tart tartin over onto a platter […]
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Caramel Sauce with Crème Fraîche

Caramel sauce can at times be cloyingly sweet and one dimensional. Adding crème fraîche gives it a bit of tang and cuts the sweetness. It’s delightful served along side a slice of apple tart or topping off a scoop of ice cream.  1 cup (7 oz / 200 g) granulated sugar About ½ cup or […]
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Perfect Sugar Cookies

This recipe makes the perfect sugar cookie and by perfect I mean the dough doesn’t slide outside its edges when baked.  After they cool they’re an excellent canvas for decorating with royal icing. If you decide to forgo the decorating pastry bag they are equally delicious and still melt in your mouth. 2 cups (9 oz […]
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Butter Cookie or Sablé Breton

Salted butter (le buerre salé) is the name of the game when baking this popular French cookie. They hail from Brittany (“Bretagne” in French), a region where butter reins supreme. And, sablé translates to sand as they have a crispy, melt in your mouth texture. Getting the cookies to the exact same size is easy. […]
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Salted Cultured Butter

I make crème fraîche a lot because it’s delicous as a dollop and as an ingredient. Serve it next to a slice of fruit tart, Gateau Basque, chocolate dessert, or add it to the filling of this Pumpkin Tart. I even include it as part of an ice cream base. You get the idea just how much I enjoy […]
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