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Potato and Leek Soup

As the days shorten into autumn, leeks, in their mounded soil, continue to grow and mature making them a perfect companion with potatoes.  They can also be left in the ground, well into winter, as long as they are protected to prevent the ground from freezing solid. This soup is great to start off a […]
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Fresh Tomato Tart

The San Marzanos, Yellow Pears, Mr. Stripeys, Black Cherries, and Juliets, keep producing in spite of the heat and lack of rain this summer. Depending on the variety, we have roasted, sautéed, puréed, blanched, and enjoyed raw on BLTs.  With any luck, Jon will make some tomato paste and we’ll still have enough to dry […]
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Campanelle Pasta with Chanterelles

  I recently purchased 2 eight-ounce containers of fresh chanterelle mushrooms harvested by the folks at the Birch Creek Forest.  They were at the Saint Paul Farmer’s market and are there almost every week during the spring, summer, and autumn.  That particular day they also had an abundance of dried shiitakes.  And, lucky for us, […]
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