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Ice Cream anyone? How about Brandied Sour Cherries, Chocolate Chunk and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream?

I was riding home on the train recently during which time I got a phone call from Jon.  “Hey meet me at the 38th Street Station”, he said.  Pourquoi I inquired?  We need to go downtown to pick up 23 dozen eggs from our farmer friends, Curt and Paul.  23 dozen eggs?  Immediately visions of […]
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Saffron Restaurant & Lounge, Take Two!

Earlier this month we traveled to Saint Louis to visit family and friends.  While we were mostly “unplugged” from the net, thankfully we did have some connectivity via our cell phones.  As Jon was scanning through the emails coming in, he noticed an email from his absolute FAVORITE restaurant in the Twin Cities, Saffron Restaurant […]
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Off to the Farmhaus, Saint Louis

We headed to Saint Louis for a weekend trip recently.  While in transit via Southwest Airlines, I had a few minutes to peruse the July issue of Food & Wine magazine.  Low and behold there was an article featuring their top chefs for 2011.  And one of them, Kevin Willmann, has a restaurant called Farmhaus […]
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Strawberry Bread

My friend Elise was gracious enough to share this recipe with me.  If I remember correctly, it’s actually a recipe she got from her mother.  I had every intention of  making it back in June, but somehow that month got away from me. However, according to the u-pick farms, we still have at least two […]
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