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Praline Lyonnaise Shortbread

On a recent trip to Lyon I fell for its regions’ specialty; Praline Lyonnaise.  As usual, I thought why purchase something that I can learn to make plus I didn’t want to lug it home. Once home I got to work perfecting this beautiful pink almond confection. Consequently, I made multiple test batches. Praline Lyonnaise […]
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Mascarpone Ice Cream

There’s a lot of ice cream recipes floating around the inter-webs.  I found however, that evenly splitting the cream to milk ratio gives a delicate mouth feel because the mascarpone in this reicpe has such a high fat content, especially if made from scratch with the recipe that’s here. There’s always the option too, of […]
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Homemade Mascarpone

The beauty of making food from scratch is that you know exactly what’s in it. And, you have a better chance of knowing from where the raw ingredients are sourced. You are able to seek out local producers, for example, of eggs, vegetables, fruit, sources of protein, and dairy products. This is exactly the reason […]
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