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Lecture with Hiroko Shimbo: Umami, The Fifth Taste Sensation

Umami, the flavor enhancer and fifth taste sensation after sweet, salty, sour and bitter, is now an often heard word in our culinary conversations, but it so often lacks a clear definition and a clear understanding in the cooking community. Though Umami is an attribute of many foods, not necessarily Japanese, it is in the […]
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Ahh, Bacon and Eggs for Breakfast –

God bless Charlie!  Poor lad, he sprained his ankle in the process of setting up the screened sleeping porch with the most comfortable queen-size bed.  A colorful duvet, Provençal-colored sheets of yellow and periwinkle blue along with six down pillows were just what the doctor ordered for a little R & R during our stay […]
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Happy 4th, Indeed!

What a delight too not only spend another 4th of July with good friends Suvir and Charlie at their farm American Masala,  but having my Mom and brother join Jon and me for the weekend at the farm in upstate New York was a treat. Waking at 5:00 am, our friend Carolyn picked us up […]
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