Fine Wood!

Every time Jon and I visit Charlie and Suvir at their home Masala Farm, we are blessed with the good fortune of meeting new friends.  In their cozy dining room with it’s eclectic selection of artwork from around the world, we inevitably find ourselves sitting on mis-matched chairs around a very long farm table with cotton napkins from India draped on our laps; the table set with classic Bakelite silverware and vintage dinnerware.

While passing platters of delicious domas, Indian chutney’s, and grilled vegetables, introductions are given to neighbors living down the next country road or friends from far away. During our most recent visit, we had the pleasure of meeting a couple of strapping lads visiting from the UK on their annual pilgrimage to the farm for downhill skiing.  We also met one of the graphic designers from J.K. Adams Co. and his delightful spouse.  As a gift for the hosts, Brian presented Suvir and Charlie with lovely cutting boards which he had designed.

As the evening ensued, I must have, at some point introduced Brian to Bret’s Table.  Because low and behold, a couple of weeks ago, I discovered a very large box from J.K. Adams on our front steps.  Curiously opening it, to my delight, Brian had sent these two beautiful cutting boards.

J.K. Adams is a cooking enthusiast’s treasure chest.  Their showroom and manufacturing facility has been located in Dorset for over 65 years.  It is tucked away in the mountains of southwestern Vermont and has been providing chefs and home cooks a place to find the best in culinary equipment.

I picture a selection of cheeses or even an array of individual tarts on the smaller one and a roast on the other; ready to carve the next time one comes out of my oven.

For any who may not know this part of the country, it is an absolutely amazing mix of new and old.  Many of the towns date back from the mid 1700 to late 1800’s.  The beauty of their villages hold the depth of their history still.  Each visit to Masala Farm allows us again to explore this part of upstate New York; rich with history, style, and charm.

As always, Charlie and Suvir are the consummate hosts allowing their guests to want for nothing.  Our visits are never long enough to explore the beautiful part of the country that they call home.  However, each time we share a meal at their table we raise a glass to new friends and old and begin planning our next visit.

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