Turtle Bread is coming to our ‘hood.

According to a website article from Southeast KSTP.com, there’s not a lot of amenities in Minneapolis east of Hiawatha and south of Lake Street.  I’m guessing the writer hasn’t spent much time in this part of town.  From the coordinates of the soon-to-be-opened Turtle Bread outpost, they didn’t realize that West River Road is only about 8 blocks east with walking and bike paths and Minnehaha Park just to the south.  Then there is one of the best movie theaters in town, the Riverview Theater, with the BEST popcorn, possibly the result of the real butter that they use (in abundance, depending on whose asking for it).

We also have the Riverview Wine Bar and the Longfellow Grill.  Just across the light rail tracks are Ted Cooks 19th Hole Barbeque, The Cardinal, and the Citizen Café restaurants.  I’m guessing light rail is one of the few amenities of which the author may have thought, since it’s also in this part of town.

Turtle Bread

Newest Turtle Bread Outpost

As mentioned earlier, the latest arrival in the Longfellow neighborhood will be another Turtle Bread.  The former Pizza Pie & I space at the intersection of 42nd Avenue and 34th Street has a new owner, Harvey McLain.  Walking past the storefront, now on an almost daily basis, the transformation is palpable.  Ripped awnings, gone.  Dingy red brick, gone — now painted a deep chocolate brown and brick details painted creamy white. Leaky roof, gone — replaced with a white roof for more energy efficiency.

While taking a tour of the space with Harvey, he pointed out that they will keep as much of the exposed brick and concrete inside the restaurant as possible, depending on its structural integrity.  The space is actually quite large with three distinct dining rooms.  The current plan is to also have the kitchen remain in the back and hopefully salvage the old pizza oven to fire up again.  He also mentioned that they have hired a chef, but I’ll let him make the announcement.  He’s got a delightful menu planned for the new space that will include burgers and will also venture into more substantial cuisine as well.  It will be a great addition to the neighborhood.

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