Lamb Burgers and Potatoes

It’s only March 21, and this evening was already the second time that we have pulled out the Weber Grill. For a tasty but simple dinner we decided it would be lamb burgers and grilled potatoes. The burgers were from our friend Suvir Saran’s recipe that Allen Brothers carries on their website. Absolutely nothing is needed to enhance the flavor the lamb burgers. They are perfectly delicious right from the package.

For the potatoes, I microwaved 2 large russet baking potatoes until they were just soft when I gave them a pinch. I let them cool a bit, then peeled and cut them into ½ inch thick slices.  I drizzled each slice with some olive oil, sprinkled with salt and pepper and some Garam Masala from Sameh Wadi’s Spice Collection. He is the chef owner of Saffron Restaurant and Bar.

After the coals were glowing red, the grate was laid over them. Using tongs, the potatoes were placed directly over the fire and turned often to prevent them from burning.  A little more olive oil was brushed on those that seemed a little dry. Once they were cooked, all were stacked up off the direct heat, while the burgers were cooking.  A couple of minutes before they were grilled to perfection, buttered sesame buns were placed on the grates to toast.  Everything was then pulled off the grill and enjoyed with a Sam Adams Maibok.

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