PastureLand brings back Meadowlark!

Goodhue, MN – (September 18, 2009) – Following their success at the American Cheese Society’s August competition, and the announcement of two ribbons for their cultured, Summer Gold butters, PastureLand Cooperative announces the return of Meadowlark, a memorably hearty and buttery, cloth-wrapped cheddar.

We originally introduced Meadowlark as part of the Eat Local Challenge in the fall of 2008, and we wanted to bring it back this year to herald the flavors of late summer, and to celebrate the time of year when we in Minnesota really can eat locally,” said PastureLand farmer and founder, Dan French.

“Supple, with strong notes of wood, pine and grass. A slight hint of blue gives the cheese a certain minerality that lingers on the palate” were some of the glowing comments at Slow Food Minnesota’s 2008 tasting where Meadowlark made its debut.

In his “Atlas of American Artisanal Cheese”, cheese maven Jeffrey P. Roberts called Meadowlark “firm and buttery”, and points to PastureLand as “another example of how small family farms are linking traditional values and stewardship with innovative entrepreneurship to produce good-tasting food through sustainable practices.”

Many have already delighted in the “now that’s how it’s supposed to taste” flavors of grass-fed dairy products. Now, new research is pointing to direct health benefits from eating grass-fed dairy products. Pastured dairy and cheese naturally provide a more beneficial balance of Essential Fatty Acids – and vitamins A, C, and E – than are found in conventional dairy foods.

PastureLand is a Minnesota family-farm cooperative of certified organic (MOSA), grass-based dairy farms. The co-op members take pride in their ability to provide the high quality pasture necessary for healthy dairy herds to produce these beautiful butters and cheeses without having to supplement the cows’ diet with grain. PastureLand cows are never confined to barns or feedlots.

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