Forville Market in Cannes

We were up bright and early Wednesday morning and queued-up  for a caravan to Cannes.  If we didn’t leave by 8:00am we’d be stuck in the morning computer traffic.  This time we all made it to the designated parking garage without anyone getting lost or accidentally ending up on the A8.  Cars in the parking garage are packed in like sardines, but we find spots relatively close to each other and head up towards the market.  First though, we stop at a patisserie by the name of  PAUL which is very near the market.

Another reason not to be late is the fact that our selection of scrumptious goodies like a buttery Chausson aux Pommes, Pain au Chocolat, classic Croissant or maybe a Tart au Citron would be limited.

The young man behind the counter carefully wrapped up our treasures and we made our way to the opposite end of the block for our Café Long, Espresso or Café au lait.  Generally, one doesn’t take pastries from one shop to enjoy at another, but Kathie has been visiting these two establishments for many years, so she and her students are granted the exception.

After breakfast we head down the street stopping at a couple of butcher shops and a little establishment that specializes in all things foie gras.  We then pop over to the actual “farmer’s market” where Kathie introduces us to various farmers and the fisherman’s wives who are selling their spouses daily catch. We have time to purchase some artisan cheese, some fabulous olives or another pastry for immediate sustenance or to enjoy later.

From the market we all head down a walking street with Kathie stopping at various storefronts specializing in food — of course.  She  points out how each egg is marked with a date and serial number and how the poultry also has a serial number so that any mishap of illness can be traced back directly to the farmer.  We stop at one of the best cheese shops in Cannes which has been owned by the Ceneri family for many years to pick out half a dozenor so wonderful varieties for a cheese lesson and tasting one evening.

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