I’ve often fantasized about heading downtown during lunch to check out a food truck or three, including Sameh & Saed Wadi’s truck called, World Street Kitchen, aka WSK.  I’m afraid if I did, I’d be eating, for example, a Lemongrass Meatball Banh Mi on the light rail as I headed back south.   In other words, it has never been in the cards for me to get downtown and back to work in a reasonable amount of time.  hmmm, I wonder if they would park their truck at the Bloomington Central Station one day a week… one day a month?

Therefore, I was thrilled to hear that they were opening a brick and mortar spot with riffs from their truck called, “WSK” at 28th and Lyndale in Minneapolis.  Fortunately, we had the opportunity to check out their pre-opening run-through a couple of days ago.  In my world (the one from where I’d be taking the train to downtown) it’s like going through a “user test”.  Such a run-through gives the staff a chance to work together both in the front and back of the house.

After having placed our order at the counter, a Gypsy Tickler was delivered to our table in short order along with baskets of goodies.  It’s way too early for a complete  review as they were still working out the kinks.  For example, the menu board was copied moments before they opened the doors, the water glasses were practically the size of shot glasses, and bar stools were still on order.  We did however, enjoy a delightful dinner.  Afterwards, Sameh and Saed, both had a moment to sit down with us as we offered some feedback.

I said to Sameh, as far as the YumYum Rice Bowl; don’t change a thing!  The one we ordered was filled with grilled chicken, shiittake mushrooms, Chinese broccoli and aromatic herbs.  Since we were all sharing, I said to my friend Carolyn that she could finish it.  She got up to get another beverage, and I couldn’t help but enjoy a couple more bites.  The Aloo Tikki Chaat was the perfect combination of tang and heat.  Oh and the Salted Caramel Soft Serve with chocolate covered almonds and mini marshmallows:  I could have eaten a couple more bowls of that ‘lil bit of heaven.

Sameh already said he needed to procure larger oysters for the Po’boy sandwich.   And, I’m hoping Saed hasn’t taken off his tool belt as a few more coat hooks around the place would be great.

The Wadi brother’s are hoping the vibe of Eat WSK will become a local haunt for the neighborhood; a place to enjoy several times a week for a quick lunch, dinner or take-out.   If you are headed to a movie in Uptown, stop there for a quick bite to eat or skip the movie, order a bottle of wine and enjoy a relaxing dinner.  Eat WSK, Lyndale and 28th Street, Minneapolis MN.



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