A Pinch of Salt!

Chef’s rarely if ever use table salt for any number of reasons including the fact that they cannot pick it up with their fingers.  And, you’d never find a line cook reaching for a measuring spoon!  They keep a stash of salt in a bowl of some kind and always have it at hand to season and give life to what they may be cooking.

With salts now being harvested throughout the world, each with their own distinct flavor, there is now available a beautiful vessel to store and them close at hand.  For anyone who has been to Bret’s Table, you may have noticed such a box, made of oak and always sitting near the cook-top.  It’s my salt box handcrafted by my brother Kevin.  Kevin has always been great with his hands and for many years has used that talent as a full-time electrician.  In his spare time he built himself a workshop to construct and refinish furniture.

Knowing his talent with wood and my love of cooking, I bugged him for years to construct for me a salt box that had three compartments so that my various flavors would be close at hand.  He finally came up with a design that has compartments large enough  that one can easily retrieve a pinch of salt with their fingers or if baking, spoon out a teaspoon for a favorite cookie recipe.

Over the holidays, our dear friend, Chef Suvir Saran was visiting and noticed the box.  He immediately fell in love with it and begged Kevin to make him one as well.  From there a business was born.  Kevin now constructs boxes made from oak and cherry wood; with one to three compartments – they can be rectangle or round and all made by hand.

Below are just a few examples that he constructs.  If you would like purchase a box or need more details about these wonderful kitchen vessels please contact Kevin directly at srkban04@hotmail.com.

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